Here at Harvest Outreach Ministry, every believer can grow to maturity more consistently when they choose to belong to a small group. Small groups are the basic units for Christian community.  They are places where, with Christ at the center, we interact with God’s truth, enjoy fellowship, reach others with the Gospel, and support one another in practical ways and in prayer.

Our ministries are designed to meet people where they are in their Christian life.  Whether you need a support group, are interested in taking an adult Bible class, want to engage in personal discipleship or would like to join a group that is studying a particular topic, you will find an opportunity to connect with others and help you grow in your faith.

Marriage Preparation

Your Wedding Day: a most special day in your life. We at Harvest Outreach Ministry wants to assist you in making this occasion a truly joyous one. Our concern is not only for the ceremony and reception, bur for the lifetime together that follows it. We want both of you to prepared for a successful and happy marriage.

Women's Ministry
Lead By Pastor Angel Brown

Women are vital to the ministries of the church. The early church was radical in that it encouraged women to learn about theology and Jesus and deemed them as equal image-bearers of God, with distinct roles. At Harvest Outreach Ministry, we want women to embrace their role in the church, grow in their knowledge of the Bible and their love for Jesus, and connect and support each other. We have opportunities uniquely focused on women and their needs so that you can find a place to plug in and grow in your faith!

Volunteer Groups

Often within a church, volunteers are members that want to use their talents or their background, to aid the church and fulfill its needs with service and actions rather than money.

Kid's Ministry

We want all children to know that God created them in a special way and that He loves them and has good plans for them. Each of our ministries communicates those values to children in an engaging, age-appropriate way. You can trust that when your kids are involved in these ministries, they are learning that faith is fun and that God’s Word is applicable to all situations in their lives.

Men's Ministry
Lead By Brother Kevin Pettis

Men are called to be leaders in their homes, workplaces and communities. Men are called to be servants and to commit their lives to the ongoing process of godliness. As brothers in Christ, we challenge each other to pursue the things of God with commitment and passion. We want men to grow in their faith in a community of acceptance and support, and so we have a variety of offerings to encourage men in their faith.

Pastoral Support

Our leadership and ministry teams are committed to serving the pastoral needs of our community. We desire to help build strong individuals and families who are growing in passion for Jesus and compassion for people. We offer focused ministry in the areas of restoration and recovery, lay counseling, and marriage and family.

Mission Groups
Lead By Eva & Roosevelt Smith

Find Your Mission, Internship, Job or Volunteer Opportunity ... As the world struggles with the uncertainty of COVID-19, the church has an incredible opportunity ...